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What is WLAN AP

This addon extends IPCop with (more) WLAN capabilities. The addon supports following 2 scenarios:
  • Client mode: using a WLAN card and connecting to an external Access Point
  • AP mode: using a WLAN card as an internal Access Point

HW compatibility

This addon uses the standard available linux kernel drivers that come with IPCop, no additions. To find which chip your card is using or find a card which has a good chance of being supported, check the websites mentioned in links or have a look here .

Closing remarks

Do *not* ask me why network card xyz is not supported.
Please do not mail me for support etc., feel free to mail me though if you insist and want to transfer large amounts of money to my account .
In case of trouble, things not working, etc. post a message in the english or german IPCop support forums. I do visit those from time to time.

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  Last modified: 2015-02-14