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NOTE: the Connection Scheduler Addon is frozen and will see no further development.

What is Connection Scheduler

Connection scheduler (or Conn Schedulder) can be seen as a Web-Interface to fcron.
You can schedule wenn to connect, disconnect, change 'dial-profile' etc.


  • download connscheduler-ipcop-<version>.tar.gz from this webpage
  • copy 'connscheduler-ipcop-<version>.tar.gz' to any directory of your choice ( e.g. to '/root' using WinSCP or SCP [ port 222! ] )
  • go straight to the console or open a console connection ( e.g. via Putty or SSH [ port 222! ] )
  • login as user 'root'
  • change to the directory you have copied the file to ( e.g. type 'cd /root' )
  • extract the archive ( type 'tar xvfz connscheduler-ipcop-<version>.tar.gz' )
  • change to installation directory ( type 'cd connscheduler-ipcop-<version>' )
  • to install the addon type './install -i' ( to uninstall type './install -u' )


Just follow the steps under Installation, no need to uninstall first.


After installation you should have an extra menu-item for Conn Scheduler:

Entering events is pretty straight-forward and self-explaining:

In the list of actions you can toggle active, edit, delete and change order

Some notes:
Reconnect will first disconnect and then immediately connect.
If Red is active when changing profile, ConnScheduler will first disconnect and then connect again after changing profile
ConnScheduler does not check for missed actions. If you have a connect action at 08:00 and you switch on your IPCop at 08:30, the connect action will not be executed.

Was ist Connection Scheduler

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MD5 chksum: f695f3627443cc96667e968d98fc6233


Special thanks to Tom 'wintermute' for the Conn Sched logo
Very special thanks to 'dotzball' for some nice Perl coding examples


2009-03-28 0.6.1 Fix for WOL-GUI 0.5.2
2008-06-22 0.6.0 Wake on LAN when combined with WOL-GUI
2007-05-07 0.5.0 Added start and stop for WLAN AP addon
2006-11-10 0.4.2 Bugfixed up/down button with only 1 event defined
Removed some warning messages in httpd/error.log
2006-10-29 0.4.1 Added start and stop for OpenVPN (ZERINA)
2006-08-20 0.3.0 Added start and stop for VPN
2006-06-16 0.2.0 Added reboot and shutdown
2006-05-14 0.1.0 Changed position for menu entry
2006-04-12 0.0.2 First online version

  Last modified: 2009-03-28