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What is GKrellM

This AddOn makes your IPCop into a GKrellM server, so it can be monitered by a GKrellM system monitor.
Prerequisite is lm_sensors, described here. lm_sensors only needs to be installed, configuration is not required.


  • download gkrellmd-ipcop-<version>.tar.gz from this webpage
  • copy "gkrellmd-ipcop-<version>.tar.gz" to any directory of your choice ( e.g. to "/root" using WinSCP or SCP [ port 8022! ] )
  • go straight to the console or open a console connection ( e.g. via Putty or SSH [ port 8022! ] )
  • login as user "root"
  • change to the directory you have copied the file to ( e.g. type "cd /root" )
  • extract the archive ( type "tar xvfz gkrellmd-ipcop-<version>.tar.gz" )
  • change to installation directory ( type "cd gkrellmd-ipcop-<version>" )
  • to install the addon type "./install -i" ( to uninstall type "./install -u" )


Just follow the steps under Installation, no need to uninstall first.


After installation you should have an extra menu-item for GKrellM:

And a Custom firewall service for the GKrellM communication was automatically added:

You will need to enable the server:

All that is missing now is an IPCop Access firewall rule for GKrellM:

Make sure you define the source (interface and network or address) properly!

Was ist GKrellM AddOn

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Closing remarks

Please do not mail me for support etc., feel free to mail me though if you insist and want to transfer large amounts of money to my account .
In case of trouble, things not working, etc. post a message in the english or german IPCop support forums. I do visit those from time to time.



MD5 chksum: fd4ab16aa2273c7638b56b066f8f0192


This addon heavily relies on GKrellM.


2014-12-15 0.1.0 First online version

  Last modified: 2014-12-15