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What is COM LED

COM LED is a tiny addon that shows your 'internet-status' with a LED connected to a RS-232 port on your IPCop.
Contrary to what the name suggests it is also possible to have switches on your RS-232 port and have them 'start things'.


  • download comled-ipcop-<version>.tar.gz from this webpage
  • copy 'comled-ipcop-<version>.tar.gz' to any directory of your choice ( e.g. to '/root' using WinSCP or SCP [ port 222! ] )
  • go straight to the console or open a console connection ( e.g. via Putty or SSH [ port 222! ] )
  • login as user 'root'
  • change to the directory you have copied the file to ( e.g. type 'cd /root' )
  • extract the archive ( type 'tar xvfz comled-ipcop-<version>.tar.gz' )
  • change to installation directory ( type 'cd comled-ipcop-<version>' )
  • to install the addon type './install -i' ( to uninstall type './install -u' )


Just follow the steps under Installation, no need to uninstall first.


Just watch the LED.
After installation COM LED will automatically start and is installed in /etc/rc.d/rc.local.
To manually start or test, first stop COM LED using: killall comled. Then start by using comled COM1 or comled COM2 (for serial port 1 or 2 respectively).
Following command line parameters are available (or simply call comled without parameters):
-d for daemon mode
-q for quiet mode


To use the switches following template script is included and installed:
# launched by comled 
# adjust actions according to your needs 

# See how we were called. 
case '$1' in 
    echo 'COMLED: CTS' 
    echo 'COMLED: DSR' 
    echo 'COMLED: DCD' 
    echo 'COMLED: RI' 
    echo 'Usage: $0 {CTS|DSR|DCD|RI}' 
Just modify to suit your needs. You could for example programm a connect / disconnect or .....

Was ist COM LED

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MD5 chksum: 90df7a47c5ec2052accc8176a2e7822b


The binary was programmed by Michael 'ForestJump' and presented in I merely changed bits and pieces and made an AddOn out of it.
Special thanks to Tom 'wintermute' for the COMLED logo


2007-05-19 1.0.0 Wait 5 minutes in rc.comled before acting
2007-03-04 0.9.5 Change back the 'alive blinking' to 30 sec
2007-03-02 0.9.3 Blink when dialing
2006-04-30 0.9.1 First online version

  Last modified: 2007-05-19